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Frequently Asked Questions

KD Kaesthetics

Not sure if Paramedical Tattooing is for you? What would you like to know?

01 Will it Hurt?

Tattooing can be uncomfortable. During some procedures numbing can be used, but it does change the ph of your skin. Which can increase the number of sessions you may need.

03 How Many SMP Sessions do I need?

Most clients will require 2-3 sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation. Each session  will increase the density or the number of ink dots in one area. It’s always best to work conservatively. Thats why we have more than one session. If you are covering scars, you are more likely to require more sessions as scar tissue absorbs ink more readily, resulting in more significant fading. 

02 How long will it take to heal?

Healing varies per person and procedure however it would be a minimum of 6 weeks before another treatment is done. Some may need longer healing time in-between treatments.  Our goal is to cause as less trauma to your skin as possible.

04 How Should I prepare for my procedure?

Do not smoke, drink coffee or alcohol, take aspirin, fish oil or blood thinners as they can affect the results of your treatment. The longer you can abstain from taking or using these the better the results but a minimum of 72 hours is required for aspirin or blood thinners, coffee, smoking and alcohol. A minimum of 1 week for fish oil. 

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