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Post Procedure Instructions
Please follow these instructions for the best healing.​

Ink and Inkless Aftercare

  • For 7-14 days after the procedure Do Not Submerge yourself in water.

  • Limit water exposure for at least 48hours after procedure.Using gentle soap for a shower.

  • Avoid the sun, tanning beds and uv rays. Areas exposed should have sunblock.

  • Do not touch procedure area, no scratching, rubbing or picking.

  • Avoid blood thinning medications unless prescribed by your doctor.

   3D Areola  Tattooing Aftercare

  • Wear the same Tegaderm for 7 days after the procedure

  • Shower with Tegaderm on, Do not submerged water(bath, pool, hot tub etc)

  • Do not work out or sweat for 48 hours.

  • On Day 7 remove the Tegaderm and shower and clean with gentle soap (For example Dial, Dove, Cetaphil). After the Shower sit topless for an hour for proper drying. Once dry please text Keisha Davis a picture and we will then determine the need for a touch up.

Lip BlushingAftercare


  • No Not Touch! You do not want to get any potential bacteria that may be on your hands or fingers to get into your healing new blushed lips. You'll be at risk for an infection.

  • Don't rub or pick the treated area. As your  lips heal, you may notice some flaking of your skin. This is normal.

  • Swelling and bruising are normal. This will subside in a few days.

  • No makeup on the lips for 7-10 days.

  • Apply ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor with a Q-Tip for the first 7-10 days or as long as you feel your lips are still healing.

  • Do not use old lip gloss or balm during this period ( any lip products that have been used prior to your procedure until you are healed).

Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.

  • Apply your favorite antibiotic ointment or Vaseline 3-5 times daily until the procedure area has healed. Always use a clean cotton swab and not your fingertips.

  • No make-up, sun, soap, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the recreational bodies of water, contact with animals, gardening for 7-10 days, (until area is completely healed) post procedure and after all touch-ups.

  • Before bathing, gently apply a light coating of Vaseline on the procedure area using a clean

cotton swab. Continue this regime until the procedure area has completely healed. 

  • Do not rub or traumatize the procedure area while it is healing (pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue).

  • Use a “total sun block” after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of

pigment color.

  • Do not use products that contain AHA’s on the procedure area. Example: Glycolic, Lactic Acids. Always check your product labeling, it will fade your pigment color!

  • If you are a blood donor, you may not give blood for 1 year following your Permanent Make-up application (per Red Cross).

  • Touch-up visits should be scheduled between 30-45 days post procedure. 

  • All Permanent Make-up procedures are a two-step process. Results are not determined until touch-up application is completed.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please notify your technician immediately.

  • If you experience any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procure, stop using product and call your technician immediately. You may be allergic to the aftercare product you are using!

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